Our investors comprise of individuals and corporate entities who are involved in many genres of business activity, such as city professionals, tradespeople, accountants, farmers, I.T specialists, construction, energy, architects and entrepreneurs to name but a few. 

As an organisation, we look to create long-standing relationships with eligible investors and we do so with vigour and integrity, whilst aiming to deliver optimum levels of performance for the many investors we serve.

TriStone Holdings are fortunate enough to have built an international investor bank, where we embrace each of our client’s personal needs and requirements when looking at suitable investment products for their portfolio growth. Our investors include a number of long-standing supporters of the firm’s partners, and to them and all our shareholders, we offer our sincerest gratitude.

Alongside our institutional and private investors, our business has substantial investment from our partners and staff by way of activity, loyalty, and commitment, helping to ensure that we are at all times, fully aligned with the interests of our investors. We are rightly proud of the fact that backing a strong management team is merely the start of a long relationship.

Our investors are our clients and the relationship with our investors is at the heart of our business and indeed drives our business forward with a clear sense of vision underpinned with stern pertinacity.

For further information regarding our services please contact us and we shall be happy to oblige in assisting you further.

Invest with us and be part of our vision.